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Overview Of Solar Leasing Programs In New York

Overview Of Solar Leasing Programs In New York

Have you ever heard of solar leasing programs? If you have, you might be interested in taking part in these unique programs that can provide you with solar energy. They are also called power purchase agreements. This simply means that, instead of having to pay for the cost of the products and installation, you are simply going to pay a fixed amount from the very beginning. This makes it easier for people to invest in solar panels where they could not before. These can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, to find solar leasing programs that are in New York, the following tips will lead you to some of the best ones.

Why You Should Consider Getting Solar Panels?

Solar panels are unique devices that were created decades ago. They were once thought to be a novelty. However, they have slowly become something exceptional, a way for people to generate electricity off of the grid, and they are less expensive than ever before. You can usually have enough solar panels installed for low five figures. They are also much more efficient using monocrystalline silicon which is very effective at generating electricity. It is possible to lease solar panels today, making it possible for virtually anyone to have them, regardless of the budget they are currently on.

How Do Solar Leasing Programs Work?

If you have ever leased a car before, then you should understand how leasing solar panels will work. Instead of owning the solar panels, you are simply leasing them to use them. Once they are installed, they will generate all of the electricity that you will need in order to use every appliance an electric device in your home. You will be able to power the lights, garage door opener, and you may even make enough to sell back to the electric company. When you lease these, there are so many benefits to doing so that many people should consider getting this done as soon as possible.

Why Leasing Is Better Than Buying

One of the benefits of leasing something is that the people that are leasing it to you are responsible for the care and maintenance of what they have installed. If you have something go wrong with the solar panels, or if one of them inadvertently breaks as a result of damage, they will come out to fix the problem. This could actually save you a substantial amount of money because they are now responsible for these different homes. If you lease from a company that has a good track record, you should consider doing this for every house that you own. You may pay a little bit more, but in the end, this is going to be the best option. It is a maintenance-free way of getting solar panels installed on your house without having to come up with the upfront cost.

Even though leasing is a little more expensive than buying the solar panels out right, you are going to have no problem seeing why this is beneficial. To imagine that you can have these installed and operational within the next few weeks without having to come up with thousands of dollars is hard for many people to understand. It is not until they see the solar panels on their house, and they are producing electricity, that they will realize that this was a fantastic deal. You can find many different solar leasing programs in New York that will be willing to work with you to help you start generating electricity courtesy of the solar panels and the sun.

The Top 3 States For Solar Power In The USA

The Top 3 States For Solar Power In The USA

The solar energy industry in the USA has continued to grow at an impressive nationwide rate of about 4.4 times over the past five years. However, details on solar hot spots in the USA can be quite elusive.

While several states are known to have plentiful sunlight including Arizona, Florida, and California, many states are leading the solar revolution but are flying under the radar.

The following is a discussion about the top three solar states in the United States by cumulative capacity, solar jobs, and actual installed capacity.

The 3 Best States for Solar Power in the USA

1. California

The Golden State reigns supreme when it comes to the solar market in the United States. California boasts 18,296 Megawatts of cumulative solar capacity that can power an estimated 4.732 million homes, which is about the equivalent of the next 9 states combined.

California is clearly head and shoulders above other states when it comes to solar energy in the USA. It has about 100,050 solar jobs and an installed solar capacity of 5,096 Megawatts, which are both higher than any other state.

Besides its strong and consistent sunlight totals, California has enjoyed the perfect mix of high energy prices, progressive culture, and strong solar incentives because of its long list of solar-friendly utilities that ultimately make it the perfect place for impressive growth in solar.

2. North Carolina


North Carolina might have been and continues to be one of the top 5 states for solar in the United States, but it is worth noting that it is the quickest growing in the country. The State has moved from number 4 to its current position at number 2 and it is one of the top 10 states in terms of solar jobs.

North Carolina not only has an impressive cumulative solar capacity of 3016 Megawatts that can power 341,000 homes, but it is also creating a good number of solar jobs that currently stand at 7,112. It also has an installed solar capacity of 923 Megawatts.

The success of North Carolina’s solar industry is driven in part by the excellent financing options provided in the state such as the revolving loan program offering some of the most competitive interest rates for homeowners that wish to purchase solar panels systems using loans.

3. Arizona

The Grand Canyon State has been in the top 10 states for solar for a while now, but Arizona is now a proud member of the top 5 club especially after witnessing some of the most dramatic growth in the country especially in 2017.

Arizona is currently third in the country and boasts an impressive 2,982 Megawatts cumulative solar capacity that can power 446,000 homes. It comes in at number 3 in the states with an installed solar capacity of 657 Megawatts. The state has about 7,310 solar jobs.

Arizona has managed to come out on top even after the Arizona Corporation Commission tried to restrict the use of distributed solar in recent years. Thankfully, its state solar tax credit has allowed Arizona homeowners to get the benefit of both their federal and local tax subsidy and now they enjoy some of the best rates for solar installations in the country.

The Bottom Line

The reality is that solar is here to stay. It is becoming more affordable and producing more energy as technology keeps advancing. The 3 states listed here are currently the top states in the US in terms of solar. However, other states are quickly catching up and it won’t be surprising if some of the states are dethroned by others in the coming years.