SunRun Brings Solar to New York for a Fraction of the Typical Upfront Cost; New York homeowners can now lock in low energy rates for 20 years

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Zachary Shahan
November 3rd, 2011

SunRun, “the nation’s leading home solar provider” and solar leasing pioneer, announced yesterday that it has expanded into New York. We’ve covered solar leasing (and SunRun) here on CleanTechnica a number of times, but for anyone not yet familiar with solar leasing’s benefits and downsides, here’s a list for you:

With solar leasing, you get a fixed cost of electricity for 20 years. (With electricity projected to rise considerably over the coming decades, that offers a big, positive relief.)

With lower average electricity costs over that 20-year period, you are projected to save thousands or even tens of thousands on your electricity bills.

SunRun owns and manages the solar system over that time, and, also benefiting from the power it produces, makes sure that if it runs into problems they are fixed quickly. (In other words, SunRun takes care of maintenance.)

You don’t h milf porn ave to pay the large, upfront cost of a solar panel system or get a loan for one.

“Downside” — in the end, you will probably save less money than you would if you bought the solar power system on your own. (But you’re cartoon porn videos still saving thousands or tens of thousands….)

SunRun has partnered with New York solar installers Mercury Solar Systems and OnForce Solar so far for the New York solar market. Solar leasing from SunRun is hot milfs now available to residents serviced by ConEdison Westchester, ConEdison New York City, and Orange & Rockland Utilities.

SunRun is expanding fast and intends to continue doing so. Here’s a striking fact for you: 1 out of 8 homeowners who went solar in 2010 went through SunRun. As one resident put it: ”We looked into solar for many years, but $25,000 was quite a speedbump to get over. lesbian porn With SunRun, it became a no-brainer because the upfront costs are low and they maintain the system for free.”

“In today’s economy homeowners need to put their finances first, and we’ve found a way to make solar something that’s good for homeowners’ wallets and the planet,” says SunRun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich. ”We’re excited to bring this lesbian videos offering to New York….”

Sol nude celebrities ar power costs have dropped off a cliff, and people are taking advantage of that. Have you gone solar yet? Ready to?

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